By: tpfung

Nov 23 2010


Category: D3, Nikkor 2.8/14-24, Nikon

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Focal Length:14mm
Shutter:10 sec
Camera:NIKON D3

Alexandra, January 2010

🙂 🙂 🙂

Dear all,

I’m currently on trekking in Everest Region, Nepal.

Posting to Large Picture is business as usual without interruption. Expecting a serious delay or late reply to your comments mean I’m situated at remote, yet high-altitute, whereby satellite-data is the only apparatus to be onlined, and forturnately I don’t have one for the journey, 🙂 Reply to your comments will depend upon the internet service availability at the region, I will attempt every efforts to attend to your comment or question.

May all good lucks be with me and the team from different parts of the globe whose, I will ‘eat, pray, share and love’ among.

Leave nothing but our warmest gracious and vulnerable footprints; bring nothing but joyful moments and precious memories along, and a safe journey home to our love one.

7 November 2010


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